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Dinosaur Adventure Land

Where God gets the glory...

Our mission is to spread the message of salvation in Jesus Christ and share the truth about His extraordinary creation with the world. We aim to present simple scientific explanations to engage families and children while highlighting the beauty and complexity of God's handiwork.
At the core of our work lies the belief that the Darwinian explanation of human origins is inaccurate and potentially harmful. Instead, we uphold the teachings of the Bible, affirming that God created the world in six days roughly 6,000 years ago.
Dr. Kent Hovind, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from his 15 years of teaching science and math in high school, as well as his 50+ years of being a Baptist Pastor and Evangelist. We strive to utilize the most up-to-date scientific evidence to bolster faith in God's Word, ultimately bringing individuals closer to Christ. Our goal is to inspire and enlighten all who seek the truth about the divine origins of life on Earth.

Playground/Record Breaker Tour

Try to break the record for the fastest to get through the maze, quickest to put together a puzzle, or try climbing the rock wall in the shortest amount of time! There tons of ways to get on the record board!

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